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The ability to resurrect and re-personalize an officer around his sword, is truly rewarding.

But this was pre-NAGPRA, which was passed in 1990, and experts realized what they had.

"We were pretty excited," says Glen Doran, an FSU archeologist.

"The War Between States" in particular has been a driving focus for many collector.

It was a war of such critical importance, that it shall continue to draw collectors and those who value its historical relevance.

100% of the donation will go to the The Drum Barracks Museum in Wilmington, California to help them in their efforts to preserve history.

I have tried to interlace each page with a blend of swords, historical pictures, quotes, and interesting information.And ancient it is: radiocarbon dating has placed the burials in an 1,100-year window centered on about 6280 B. That's over 3,500 years before the Pyramids were built (and thousands of years older than most European bog bodies).In 1986, when its full significance was coming to light—for one thing, it's the largest collection of skeletal material of this antiquity in North America—Windover was named a National Historic Landmark.For over 8,000 years, the Windover burials lay undisturbed.They languished in their oxygen-free crypt as generations of subsequent Native Americans, and eventually European, Hispanic, and other modern Americans, lived out their lives all around them.

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