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Jet Plane to Verbier • S06E06: Mercedes-Benz SLR Mc Laren vs. Cessna 182 private plane to London • S11E04: Nissan GT-R vs. speedboat • S10E09: Britcar 24H Endurance Fiat 500 vs. Ferrari Daytona (Portofino to Saint-Tropez) • S13E01: Jaguar vs. We apologize to the Top Gear hosts and staff, the family member in question, and the Top Gear community for not discovering and removing the post sooner.

Japanese Bullet Train to Mount Nokogiri • S19E03: Shelby Mustang GT500 vs. This was posted almost two years ago, so no karma for me.

2) You can check this site for all episodes of Top Gear and they are uplodaded to watch online for free.

**Advantages**: Easy viewing anytime without downloading or waiting. But I just want to give a shout out to the Camera man and woman and the director.

**Advantages** : Unmatched quality, probably better than most TV's will show it. **Disadvantage** : Takes 1 hour to get the show as the recorder needs to index and convert it.

________ ###Online Websites that show the show as a video 1) This website also uploads the show as a video.

which is a private tracker for which you can apply for an account and see if you get in if you are willing to go through the trouble.

2) gear/0/3/0 Start refreshing this link after the show airs.

_________ ###i Player Watch it on the i Player if you are in the UK Here is an i Player proxy application, it lets you watch i Player from anywhere We have used this at /r/Formula1 before and this shows up as a virus on some anti-viruses but it does work. **CHALLENGE** to Top Gear- Drive from Covilhã, Portugal to Piódão, Portugal, along the Serra da Estrela Mountain Range. The slow motion parts and the cuts are near to perfect. They capture a lot of the surrounding without letting you know that the car is still the center of attention.We received some great feedback from the content survey regarding the types of changes that the community would like to see.The most polarizing topic of discussion was the submission of memes.It is one of the most beautiful and exciting drives ever. I have never seen another car show or frankly any show where they put so much effort into presenting something. jet-powered flying man • S19E06: The blokes hit Donington in track cars • S20E01: (Rented) Toyota Corolla vs. But, when they are this overly scripted, you lose so much. We know that you are a funny guy with lots of great input and a part of the show i so dearly love.I like watching the old Top Gear episodes back – and I reckon that I'm not the only one. an American's Cup yacht • S20E02: Motorcyclist vs. in the BBC building Not that I would *ever* encourage illegal downloading, but if you are a true Top Gear fan, find a way to get the original BBC versions of the episodes because the one's on netflix are crap. q=Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey&hl=en&ll=51.118753,-0.535776&spn=0.00148,0.004128&sll=56.670681,12.828038&sspn=0.165813,0.528374&t=w&hq=Dunsfold Aerodrome, Surrey&radius=15000&z=19While tonights episode was enjoyable, you guys are trying way, way, way too hard. Were also learning more and more that you're scripted character can be damn annoying, and that you aren't a great actor. Just be yourselves, for the sake of making the awesome episodes i so know and love. There is always a line that can be crossed in any forum.

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