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Oh, our club will sometimes take us our for Karaoke sessions or on vacations." Team DK is currently three fifth of EHOME 2010. -"At The International, you could see that Na`Vi was behind us in terms of their strength, but as defending champions from last year’s event, they were much better prepared emotionally to take the title compared to Chinese teams.

[Team DK never received the invite in 2011.]" Moving on to DK.Describe each of your teammates using one sentence or less please. They experimented with all kinds of strategies in depth, for example, how to bait Chinese teams into picking Naga Siren [before countering it with Enigma or Rubick].It blew me away because all three Chinese teams fell for it.I also take into account how I think the game is going to turn out.For example, if I look at both lineups and see that our team can only win by turtling to late game, then there’s a high chance that I’ll go for the Midas.

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  1. A Cataplana (13) at Rua do Diário de Noticias 27 (00 351 ) is typical - just 20 places squeezed into a tiny corner site, with a random scattering of kitsch interrupting the elegant tiles.

  2. Radio Shack explained, in the December issue of its TRS-80 MICROCOMPUTER NEWS that, when the machines were ready to ship, the manuals weren't but, rather than keep the Color Computer from us, they sent what was available. It was probably more a case of not wanting to lose out on Christmas sales that prompted the decision to ship with incomplete documentation.