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The white woman’s boyfriend walked in, mistook Rosalie for his girl, covered her eyes from behind and yelled, “Guess who?” “She turned and slapped him,” related Mc Millan in an interview in January 1999. Her half-sister got mad, and yelled, ‘That’s my nigger sister!He paid for the rest of his education by working in an auto factory. When World War II broke out Mc Millan and many other dental students were deferred from active duty. He was also arrested for refusing to move to the back of an Army bus and getting into a fight with the driver who tried to throw him off. The base commander brought the whole camp to attention and announced: “As long as I am in command here, this type of thing will not happen.After graduation in 1944 he practiced dentistry in the U. There will be no difference in races.” Mc Millan served again during the Korean War, after the services were integrated.

The vet also had a daughter by marriage to a white woman.“That’s over where them niggers live,” squawked the radio.The driver apologized and delivered Mc Millan to West’s office.’ And my mother raised so much hell that the Klan came.” The Klan butted into a private misunderstanding to “discipline” Rosalie for raising her hand and voice to whites.Masked men went to her home a day or two later and hauled Rosalie downtown.

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Mc Millan was about 5 when he saw the Ku Klux Klan horsewhip his mother.

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