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This indigenous character was appropriated and transformed in the 18th century by the African slaves who had been brought in large numbers to Brazil.

Farm slaves would tell Saci stories to amuse and frighten the children.

In this process the creature became black, his red hair metamorphosed into a red cap, and, as the African elders who usually told the tales, he came to be always smoking his clay-and-reed pipe.

His name mutated into various forms, such as Saci Taperê and Sá Pereira (a common Portuguese name), and eventually Saci Pererê.

the Saci dares not cross, for then he loses all his powers. He is fond of juggling embers or other small objects and letting them fall through the holes on his palms.

Prendete le vostre foto dal piatto di vividi con pochi clic veloce attraverso selezioni di colore di Photoshop.

Fare clic sullo strumento "Lazo" nel riquadro "Strumenti" e delineare la parte dell'immagine per girare al neon, come capelli o camicia di qualcuno.

Given half a chance, he dulls the seamstress's needles, hides her thimbles, and tangles her sewing threads.

If he sees a nail lying on the ground, he turns the point up.

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