Radioactive dating of fossils definition

In A Treatise of Human Nature Hume pointed out there is no obvious way for a series of statements about what ought to be the case to be derived from a series of statements of what is the case.

Those who insist there is a logical gulf between facts and values, such that it is fallacious to attempt to derive values from facts, include G. Moore, who called attempting to do so the naturalistic fallacy.

Thomas Kuhn points out that knowing what facts to measure, and how to measure them, requires the use of other theories.

For example, the age of fossils is based on radiometric dating, which is justified by reasoning that radioactive decay follows a Poisson process rather than a Bernoulli process.

In addition to these considerations, there are the social and institutional measures, such as peer review and accreditation, that are intended to promote factual accuracy (among other interests) in scientific study. Facts are, "like fish in the Ocean," of which we may only happen to catch a few, only an indication of what is below the surface.

A common rhetorical cliché states, "History is written by the winners." This phrase suggests but does not examine the use of facts in the writing of history. Even a dragnet cannot tell us for certain what it would be like to live below the Ocean's surface.

Fact is sometimes used synonymously with truth, as distinct from opinions, falsehoods, or matters of taste.

This use is found in such phrases as, "It is a fact that the cup is blue" or "Matter of fact", Facts may be checked by reason, experiment, personal experience, or may be argued from authority.

Consistent with the idea of confirmation holism, some scholars assert "fact" to be necessarily "theory-laden" to some degree.The statement "Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system" is about the fact Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.This theory presupposes the existence of an objective world.If you lost your glossary then you will need to print this one for use in the classroom.You must write the entire definition - do not skip words. As a result, you must think about the definition that is appropriate based on the unit that you are studying.

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Scientists are careful to distinguish between: 1) states of affairs in the external world and 2) assertions of fact that may be considered relevant in scientific analysis.

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