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""The government does not have the power to take speech that is objectively true, declare it false and then punish speakers who -- wittingly or unwittingly – deviate from the government's idiosyncratic definition,'' wrote attorney William Ohle in the suit." 1.The government (state of Oregon) did not take his speech and declare it false. The guy's argument that the traffic signal timing was off is not the issue.A law school graduate is not considered to be an Attorney until after passing the bar.This is not true for engineers, some of whom do not need to be licensed to "practice" engineering, specifically in the industrial arena. I thought it was interesting, a little funny and a little ridiculous. Being familiar with licensing laws, and being an engineer, I agree with the city.I can see how easily a lay person could buy the spin, though.Personally I don't see as engineers why we cannot make distinctions between the two given that other professions and our own professional societies (including NSPE) very commonly and clearly do.

He was simply trying to bolster his political credibility by laying claim to a regulated profession that operates under a code of ethics. Might get some braggart in office that's way under-qualified. IRstuff, I can vaguely recall an Oregon case where the term "domestic engineer" (for a maid service) was determined not to be confusing to the public, and therefore not subject to a fine.Although the case seems to be ridiculous, even if it is thrown out for lack of substance, which I doubt here, the public's perception and use of the term "engineer" will not change.In my mind, the use of the term "engineer" without specifying the discipline or license qualification, is acceptable so long as there is no monetary interest or claim to fame as it were involved. There are undoubtedly additional qualifications to this too...The California statute states that just calling oneself "electrical engineer" means that they "practice" electrical engineering, and are in violation of the law, presumably aside from the industrial exemption. - provides more detailed information, including links to relevant documents, making clear that the engineering board in Oregon says he should not be free to publish or present his ideas.Presumably, since "sanitation engineer" is not specifically referenced in section 6732 of the California code, one could claim to be a sanitation engineer without getting into trouble. So there were two examples from politicians, one published by the government in the form of the Voters Pamphlet.

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