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As in other Western states, the federal government is a force, controlling nearly 45 percent of the state.

This brings jobs and tourism, but also limits land uses, they write.

A Tennessee judge has awarded The Jackson Sun more than ,000 in attorney fees for an open records lawsuit the newspaper brought against the city of Jackson.

The newspaper's attorneys will receive ,085 each for work when the Sun sued the city for disclosure of documents related to the Diamond Jaxx minor league baseball team and Jackson police field interviews.

The store "sits across the street from a vacated Wal-Mart," abandoned for the supercenter that probably forced the IGA out of business.

"Most of Berea's new businesses are near the current Wal-Mart location, while the former Wal-Mart location is surrounded by older and often empty buildings." Mc Nay references , a book by Bob Ortega, which explains how Wal-Mart spent millions on computers in the early 1980s to track inventory, trends and prices.

Brought to you by the organization that built The Wall, the Vietnam Veterans Virtual Memorial Wall is dedicated to honoring, remembering and sharing the legacies of all those who died in the Vietnam War.

In some states, localities have taken the lead in providing high-speed broadband service, but in others, legislatures have prohibited them from doing so.

Wal Mart doesn’t know the names of any customers, he writes, but it knows their purchasing habits.

“If small-town businesses are going to compete against Wal-Mart, they are going to have to know their customers on a personal basis …

The release of the field interviews has been delayed until an appeals court reviews the issue.

The city plans to appeal the ruling on the baseball records, though they have been released.

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Sun Executive Editor Richard Schneider said, ''We realize that this is the first round.'' He said he believes the case shows how difficult and expensive it is for private citizens to obtain records a government wants to keep secret.

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