Cyclocross singlespeed disc brakes

They’re a good candidate for this list because they produce a range of entry level road bikes that compete well.The Haanjo is a good cyclocross bicycle under 00, and it’s a great entry point into the sport.Nashbar is an online retailer that strives to offer bikes at exceptionally low prices, and their 0 alloy-framed cyclocross bike features Shimano’s 105 groupset, which is usually unheard of at this price point.The only negative is that it comes in a box, so the customer is responsible for setting the bike up.I should mention that the front fork is constructed from FC770 carbon fibre, Steel is having resurgence within the cycling community and its retro appeal entices many for its simplistic looks and nostalgic feel.That said, in a performance orientated sport like cyclocross the extra weight of an inexpensive steel bike can be what holds a rider back in the mud.Drivetrain: One of the big selling points for the Nashbar is its Shimano 105 drivechain which is something you wouldn’t expect on a sub- 00 cyclocross bike.It shifts impeccably well and will last you for years to come.

In other words, they’re a great bicycular investment.The only variation is FSA’s excellent Gossamer cyclocross specification chainset.With 50/34 at the front and 11-32 at the back you should never be left wanting for gears whether you’re ascending Mont Ventoux or tackling a Christmas-time CX mudfest.Cyclocross racing is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and across parts of Europe.Merging the speed of road racing with the handling technique of mountain biking, it offers an exhilarating way to spend fall and winter once the mercury starts to drop. They can be used as a thoroughbred racing machine through winter, yes, but their adaptability means that you could fit some fenders and some road tires to use one for comfortable, quick commuting.

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