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It’s a show about nothing basically but people seem to like it.“Parker had been in one day already, when I got really panicky,” Aiken remembers. It was a reality check, like, This is the real deal.” Becoming a father led to another life-changing decision for Aiken, 29, the runner-up whose awkward charm, flat-ironed red hair and soulful sound inspired a curious and deeply devoted cult of music fans who call themselves Claymates. Did your mother envision you married to a woman one day?Long dogged by rumors about his sexuality, Aiken decided the time had come for him to publicly acknowledge what he’s known privately since he was in college: He’s gay. It’s really going to be a tossed salad of different options. I think she envisioned it a little bit, yes, but at the same time …Says Aiken: “It was the first decision I made as a father. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.” He acknowledges this truth may not sit well with some of his fans (“Whether it be having a child out of wedlock, or whether it be simply being a homosexual, it’s going to be a lot,” he says), but for now his priority is coming to grips with the end of his paternity leave. I don’t know that there’s such a thing as a prenuptial for a situation like this. I mean, I got picked on all through high school and all through middle school for a plethora of things, and I had a very difficult relationship with my birth father and my stepfather.Aiken is reprising his role as Sir Robin in on Broadway until Jan. Parker, who’s “fine, healthy and doing well,” and Foster will join Aiken in New York City mid-October, once he settles into an apartment. I’ve always wanted kids, and as a gay man, it’s just not an option. [But] we’ve made arrangements to try to make sure that things are taken care of and that people are happy. I think she probably feels I’ve had a tough life and she’s finally seeing things happen right for me and she doesn’t want anything to go wrong for me, and that’s her concern. I cried more with my brother than I did with anyone else.

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