Bonnie and clyde dating

The gang became national celebrities after pictures of them posing with guns were found in their abandoned apartment.

Several months later, Buck was severely wounded in another shootout with police, and died of his wounds shortly after a posse discovered the gang’s campsite.

Betrayed by gang member Henry Methvin in exchange for a pardon, Bonnie and Clyde were lured into an ambush where they were killed on May 23, 1934.

Bonnie Parker’s comfortable childhood ended with the death of her bricklayer father when she was four, and her mother had to raise three children, living in a rough neighborhood on the edge of Dallas that was filled with criminals.

Clyde was arrested shortly after, which would have ended most relationships but Bonnie’s love was true.

Clyde Barrow was the son of a poor tenant farmer with seven children, and his parents struggled to survive, so he had little education, although whippings with a switch were handed out by his devout and stern mother.

The living quarters were extremely overcrowded and the guards were free to discipline prisoners as they wanted.

The unsanitary conditions drove prisoners to escape, and there were 302 breakouts during the year before Clyde was transferred there, but only three were successful.

Married by the time she was sixteen, Bonnie worked as a waitress, sometimes letting people down on their luck have their meals for free.

Tired of her husband’s disappearances, she kicked him out when she was eighteen.

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