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So to start with, get those nervous little gestures under control.

To start with, learn to fidget less; don’t continually play with your hair, adjust your clothes or flutter your hands. Eliminating fillers from your speech like “umm”, “errr” and “well…” is also useful.

Preventing other people from sitting down because you look like you’re airing out your balls is pretty much the antithesis of attractive.

I go on and on about clothes because frankly, this is such a to the guys I see rolling into the VIP section of clubs looking like they just came from Dunder-Mifflin, men seem to perpetually misunderstand the power that a very simple upgrade in wardrobe can bring you. Clothes are the first thing people will notice about you, and that will color their first impressions of you.

And when it comes to making yourself more attractive… To start with, making frequent eye contact prior to an approach is a classic way of building attraction – glancing at her, letting her you looking at her, then breaking contact by looking to the side (NOT down; looking down to break eye contact is a submissive posture. Don’t look away quickly: that makes you look like you were trying to get away with something. It’s a very subtle way of building sexual chemistry and when done right can be incredibly powerful.

You become immediately more inviting and approachable when your open up your torso.

Crossing your arms, slouching and curling in on yourself, on the other hand, makes you look unfriendly and unapproachable; you’re putting actual barriers between you and the people you want to talk to.

But above all else, when you make eye contact, you need to a smile comes off as though you’re evaluating whether her flesh would make a fetching lampshade.

Making eye contact, giving her a slow smile and opening up your body language on the other hand…

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