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Radio Shack, at the same time, releases the first Color Computer software.

In November, 68 MICRO JOURNAL published the first data sheets for the new MC6883 (SAM) chip but, their are few Color Computer owners out there to read it.After several days of gunning down waves of aliens, we both suffered from blurred eye sight, blistered fingers, lack of sleep, and video game burn out. A couple weeks after Christmas, I came across an ad in the New York Daily News for a new Radio Shack computer which, like the Intellevision, had game cartridge capabilities, an important feature because, if I didn't like computing, I could always go back to cleaning up the galaxy. Every attempt was made to ensure an accurate account of the Color Computer's evolution.For the refund price of the Intellevision (sorry Pam) plus another 0, I had enough money to purchase the new TRS-80 Color Computer. Extensive use of various computer magazine articles and ads were used as the basis for "dating" events.Computer magazines, at this time, were filled with articles and reviews about every computer except the Color Computer.When anything does appear, it is usually comparing the Color Computer (unfavorabley) to the Atari 800.

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